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Everlong is a FREE amateur Role-Playing-Game set in an immersive fantasy world. You are a Blackguard, a knight sworn to serve the Cirigoth Empire and trained in the dark arts, yet hunted by your imperial masters after turning renegade. Only through enlisting the aid of friends and allies can you escape pursuit and defeat the oppressive Cirigoth regime. Journey across the world's continents to forge a confederacy and fight for freedom in global war. Yet a more insidious plot looms in the shadows. A fallen god seeks to exploit civilization's folly and reclaim the dreams and nightmares of humanity.

Using Enterbrain's RPGMaker2003@ engine, Everlong is designed to create a nostalgic or "old-school" feel similar to the 16-bit 2-D RPGs of the SNES era. The player travels through a detailed medieval world, interacting with hundreds of colorful characters, both friendly and enemy, to advance the story while combating the many monsters that will attempt to hinder their journey.