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Font Errors (Version 3.x)
Download this Font Zip and use the "Install New Font" command within the "File" drop-down menu in the Windows Font folder to install the four fonts. Other methods such as copying and pasting the files may not be successful. For more detailed instructions, open the README file inside the archive. Some systems running older versions of Windows may not be able to install the two .ttc (True Font) files.
Font Errors (Version 2.x & Older)
Apply this Font Patch for alternative basic fonts.
Game Lag
Slower machines may experience moderate to severe game lag when the player is on complex maps. These include the world map, lava tube mini-game, an outside puzzle area of Sepulcrum Profundus, and others. Playing in windowed mode can also cause game lag. Everlong has been optimized to lessen the stress on older computers and provide a smoother game experience, but if you continue to have lag problems try turning off excess background programs or Windows services.

There is also the possibility that your soundcard or onboard sound chip is having difficulty playing certain midis. Try updating the drivers for these hardware components or select a different midi processor if you have more than one. Switching to the smaller of the two windowed modes may help to lessen lag if it cannot be resolved by other means.
Missing Files & Crashes
If you receive or encounter missing file errors or fatal crashes during game play, pay attention to the message and contact the author with pertinent information such as: the location where the error occurred, what happened immediately prior to the error, the nature of the error, or what files were missing.

A specific crash is caused by an error in the RPG Maker engine and overwrites the last used save slot with no data. This effectively erases the save file. It will appear in the main Everlong directory, but not in the game's "Load Save" screen since it is an empty file. To prevent this bug from destroying your progress, save in multiple slots, or at least in alternating slots.
No Interface Supported
If the game fails to begin after selecting start and you get a "No Interface Supported" message then you need to go download the proper decoder for the video intro. The easiest way to do this is to simply attempt to play the file in Windows Media Player, and upon failure it will attempt to download on its own. It is a standard Microsoft codec and any Windows based system should already have it installed.
Stream Error & Map Tree Error
These errors are a result of attempting to open and play a save file from a previous version after patching the game. To minimize the chance this will occur, save your files in an empty room location before installing the patch. Never leave a save on the world map when patching. Keep your original full install file or a backup of the current game folder so you can revert to an older version in the event that upgrading makes your saves unplayable. If all else fails, contact the author to have your save files fixed so they function correctly when patched.
Gamma Correction (Excessive Screen Darkness)
Some dungeons in Everlong were designed to be pitch black except for a small circle of light that surrounds the player. If you are unable to see anything in these areas then it is suggested you turn up the brightness or gamma on your monitor or through your computer's video adapter.
Sound Problems
Check your system volume settings if you are having problems hearing music or sound effects while playing. Make sure WAV and MIDI channels are not muted. They should be at an equal volume setting. Use the main volume control to make the game louder while keeping the balance between Wave and Midi sound levels.

Game music and sound effects can also be permanently muted by deleting the files inside the Music and Sound folders, or by replacing them with empty files of the same name and extension.
Failure on Startup
Set your desktop resolution to 1024x768 or lower. Navigate to the main Everlong directory and locate the RPG_RT.exe file. Right-click on this file and choose "Properties" from the drop-down menu. Choose the "Compatiblity" tab and try forcing the executable to run in compatiblity mode for an older version of Windows. As a last resort, install older versions of video card drivers.
Graphical Errors
These errors will usually be the result of incorrect transparency assignment and should be reported to the author so they can be fixed in a future patch. They should not impair your ability to play the game.