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2016.08.08 - Final RM2K3 Release
The long awaited update is now available in the downloads section. This is the final RPG Maker 2003 version, with only minor bug fixes expected in the future. The old forums are now defunct. All discussion has moved to, the new official host.
2015.06.03 - RM2K3 English Release
The release of an official English translation of RPG Maker 2003 complicates the future of the Everlong project. I'd still like to finish the additional content and changes that were always planned but cut from previous versions, but it remains unclear whether certain patches the game requires will be within the license agreement. Regardless of continued updates, it is highly unlikely I'd commercialize the project without a new engine.
2014.02.19 - Condition Bug
Apparently there's a condition bug in RM2K3 I forgot and introduced into the game with the last update. Apply the v3.27 patch if conditions are never abating during battle. I've corrected the issue in the full package download as well, but am not changing the version number.
2014.02.17 - Unexpected Update
The annual update was missed last year, but I'm still supporting the Everlong project. With this release comes both a new full version download and patch. There are numerous bug fixes, a complete overhaul of skill costs, and hunting grounds now spawn randomized loot. Percentage based skill costs have been replaced with a growth curve, making maximum MP gains relevant. The items in hunting grounds adjust based on need, so players can focus expenditures on weapons and equipment. This also remedies the encounter rate issue where players reached too high a level and could no longer battle monsters for money. Also worth mentioning, many skills now have additional effects at all levels or in their most powerful form, and Julia's notorious back story has been altered, albeit not developed. Read the full change log. Once again time prevented several considerations, and I'm still unable to apply Cherry's Dynpatch to fix several outstanding issues, including the battle speed algorithm. A port to the TURBU engine remains a future possibility. As always, thank you to the players for suggestions and reporting issues.
09.29.12 - Yearly Bug Fix
Hey Everlong players, time for a yearly patch update! A few boss adjustments, the correction of Katana Soul's ridiculous HP, and miscellaneous other fixes. If I didn't screw anything up, I'll upload a new full version and battle portrait patch in the future.
08.19.11 - Minor Update
Almost a year later I've finally decided to upload a new version with bug fixes and minor improvements. There's both a full installation package and update. I've also uploaded a separate patch for players who wish to use the guage style battle display.

Turbu is still in the works. Progress has been accomplished, but there's still a long way to completion. I have a considerable list of new content, but I'm skeptical of additions at this point, and certainly a commercial version is not in the immediate future.
09.02.10 - Continue+
This version contains the usual bug fixes and also the player suggested Continue+ option after finishing the game. This is similar to New Game+, except the player keeps everything and returns to just before the final battle. I did not have time to fully test this feature, so please report any bugs related to Continue+ immediately. Story Mode level adjustment should finally work, but I'm still not sure if the targeting bug related to defeating the Grand Dragon and exiting the Nexus of Ordeals is fixed. Many of those nasty counter attack monsters got the nerf bat, but the fix to enemy skill frequencies should compensate by increasing battle difficulty. A new full version will be available once I have determined no new bugs where introduced in this update.

Many players have asked if I am working on any other projects, or plan to. I am not at this time, but I have been working with the author of Turbu. An exciting new game editor and engine similar to RPG Maker, Turbu has many more planned features and the ability to import RM2K(3) games, unlike RMXP/VX. You can download a demo version and import or start a project to check out what is complete so far, but there's still much work to be done. I plan to port Everlong and release it as the first Turbu powered game once the editor is complete. I have a large amount of optimization and additional content in mind for Everlong, but that will come after the initial port when and if I have time.