Tutoring SAT – inequalities and a passage by Thomas Jefferson

We started by looking at math problems, especially with inequalities. They are similar to equations with an equals sign in many ways.

Part of the time, you want to look at what you have and the expression that is mentioned later and see what you could do to get to that later expression. Here there was a division in one problem and a multiplication (by whole numbers) that did the trick.

Also looked at a passage by Thomas Jefferson. Usually could eliminate a few choices quickly and then choose between two. Sometimes, they are a bit subjective. For a few, a single word in the question was important like, “initial.”

Tutoring SAT – reading section, vocabulary, passage structure

We spent about 2/3 of the hour on the reading section. For some questions, it was about really knowing the definition of words and how they function.

Other times, it was thinking about what a paragraph was about or what the entire passage was about and how certain parts functioned within them.

One question was about punctuation, this could be good to read, http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/education/grammar/semicolons

But there were not a lot of questions on punctuation, just a few.

Also looked at some math problems. Sometimes a few words in the question are very important to focus on, words like “constant”. A few questions were significantly harder than the others, including one about decibels and pressure.