Final Outline

The final will be Thursday December 15th at 8 AM.

Bring a note card, include equations from chapters 14 and 15 and what else you would like.  Equations from previous chapters as well as constants will be provided.

Problems will include these topics (not necessarily all of them)

1.  Wave on a string
2.  Pendulum
3. Intensity/Wave Propagation
4.  Sound, Damping
5. Sound Wave – amplitude/velocity/acceleration
6. Sound & dB problem
7.  Doppler Effect
8. Ideal Gas
9. Rocket/kinematics
10. Friction, circular motion
11. Torque, center of gravity, buoyancy, gravity
12. Radiation/specific heat/heat of fusion
13. spring energy, potential energy, kinetic energy
14. Bernoulli (likely extra credit)

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