The less wise of a group of monks, after hearing the equation x-x0=v0xt and rushing away from the physics lecture, thought that if they gave building blocks a simple push they would continue moving until stopped by another push.

They believed that by utilizing this piece of knowledge they could easily build a grand monastery of marble blocks.

They gathered up a group of rather gullible monks, who had not taken much physics, and went out to the quarry.

Unfortunately when they gave a block of marble a push, it did not start moving. Bewildered, the monks did not understand what was happening.

Fortunately, a bishop/physicist came along and explained that horizontal movement actually is also affected by vertical components through friction.

He stated that when something is in contact with a surface, the normal force and friction coefficient comprise a force opposite to the direction that the object is being moved in, with the formula f=μN.

This wise man said that the normal force also is changed if there is a slope of an angle theta. One of the less knowledgeable monks asked about force triangles, but the wiser bishop/physicist said that they are unnecessary if the physics is truly understood.

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