“How do I find the sin of any angle?”

How do I find the sin of any angle?

For example, if I wanted to find the sin of 30 or 10, how would I go about doing that.

You need to know whether the angle is specified in degrees or radians since there are two systems for measuring degrees.

At that point, if you can use a calculator, you might press 30 then the sin button.

Or for a different sort of calculator you would input sin(30) then press enter.

Make sure that you are in degree mode or radian mode depending on what you’re working with.

Without a calculator, some angles are easier to find than others. For example, 30°, 45°, etc are triangles with well known ratios of their sides. So you can think of SOHCAHTOA.

For angles related to those, you can use things like half angle formulas.

From the two examples you gave, sin(30°) = 0.5. sin(10°), I’m not sure offhand.

There are tables you can look up values. If you end up looking up a certain value a lot, you may remember it.

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