Precalculus with Interval Notation in My Math Lab – square/curved

We first looked at plotting a function. It helps to recognize the shape of the graph from the equation, but if you don’t, you still move to the next steps you would even if you know the general shape- you plot specific points.

A good point to start with most of the time is the y-intercept, you get that by setting x equal to zero.

From there, plot a few points. If you know there is symmetry, that can make the calculations easier.

Then we looked at linear equations for a while. We saw how the slope is written before the variable (oftentimes x) and that the y-intercept is the number after that (in slope intercept form).

Found the slope using the equation. And also saw that ‘average rate of change’ is the slope.

Went over interval notation a bit. In ‘My Math Lab’, [ are inclusive and ( are exclusive. You use the exclusive brackets for infinity since it’s not a specific point.

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