Tutoring Physics, First weeks of second semester

We started looking at the electric field in a capacitor where the same amount of charge was distributed across different amounts of area.

Drawing a diagram can be a good first step in many problems.

Sometimes problems will have a balance of forces or other things canceling each other out. One example was the oil drops with charge where an electric field caused a force that exactly balanced gravity.

Using subscripts will become more important to keep track of things.

Went over some basics of derivatives and integrals for a bit.

Also talked about logarithms and natural logs.

Work and energy both have units of joules, they are used to describe different things, but do have the same units.

This class is a similar class to Physics 32 which I took with Phil Kesten at Santa Clara University. It is taught at CSUMB in Monterey though. Second term of calculus based physics.

I recommend the Giancoli book which we used, and actually Phil Kesten and Dr. Tauck wrote their own physics book as well which I got a copy of.

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