Newtons Second Law F=ma

As the village blacksmith walks along one day he sees a group of monks circling around an apple tree and chanting something about the truth being expanded.

When he stops and listens he learns that a man named Newton became inspired by falling of apples.

The monks explain that Newton then came up with the equation ΣF = ma (where F and a are both vectors) which means that the sum of the forces in a direction is equal to the mass, not to be confused with weight, multiplied by the acceleration, one example being gravity, in a direction.

The F and a are vectors, indicated by bold.

The monks are rejoicing since they had only previously been able to understand the motion of objects.

Now they can understand interaction of objects with mass through the use of vector components, the old testament of the truth, and their newfound equation.

THE TRUTH in 3D Velocity and Acceleration Equations

Morpheus, after running the “Instant Kesten Program,” approaches his student Neo with two pills, a red one and a blue one.

He states that if he swallows the blue pill he will forget what has happened and return to his life, but if Neo swallows the red pill then THE TRUTH will split into multiple dimensions.

Neo swallows the red pill and suddenly the world becomes a bit more complicated, THE TRUTH breaks apart into




The red pill makes him understand that horizontal movement has no acceleration due to gravity (and generally in simpler problems), but that vertical motion is affected by gravity.

Neo realizes that two dimensions, x and y, can also be combined into the formula

y – y0=(x-x0)tan(θ) – [g(x-x0)2]/[2v02cos2(θ)] when the acceleration present is gravity.

Morpheus tells him as well that multidimensional physics necessitates proper labeling of variables like time in order to be accurate.

Neo says “whoa.”