“How do I solve 4x+2y=-6 for y and then find two points on the graph” Algebra I

Solve for y
You want to solve for y =

So that means you should isolate y until it is by itself on one side of the = sign

You start with


Right now there are two terms on the left side of the =

4x and 2y

It would be better if you only had the term with y by itself

If you change the left side, you must make the same change to the right side

So your first step could be to subtract 4x from each side

Finding two points
Once you have an equation, you can pick any number you want for x and then determine what the y coordinate should be, by solving for y.

Each point has an x and y coordinate (x, y)

Or you could pick a y value and solve for x.

The values you pick should be easy to graph (probably near the origin).

Two values that can often be easy to work with are the y-intercept and the x-intercept.
You find the y-intercept by setting x = 0 and solving for y and you find the x-intercept by setting y = 0 and solving for x.